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This is a wonderful service for clients who don't like to use mascara or just want to intensify the color of their lashes and brows.

Lashes   $25       Brows   $20

Ear Candling

This is a simple, warm, relaxing, natural ear-cleaning technique using a hollow cone to help relieve ear problems such as allergies, ear aches, and wax build-up.

Allow 50 min.   $55

Hair Removal

We use Sukar, sugar which is anti-bacterial,  safer, and a longer lasting alternative to shaving.  You will have smooth and silky skin for weeks.


Eyebrow Shaping  $20                    

Upper Lip   $10                              

Chin   $10

Full Face  $36                                  

Full Leg   $60                                

Half Leg   $40       

Modified Bikini   $45                      

Bikini   $25                                    

Brazilian  $60                                         

Back or Chest   $45                        

Full Arm   $40                                

Half Arm   $25                                 

Underarm   $20                   

Stomach   $20 


Relax, heal and detox in our new infrared sauna. Can be used alone, in groups up to four or in combination

with a service.   Allow 20 min. $20  added on to a service $15




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